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We're here to help you take your vision from concept to finished video. We offer the following services throughout the stages of the project:

  • Concept

    • We'll listen to your vision and use our experience to help craft a script. Unless you've already created one :)

  • PreProduction

    • Based on the script, we'll create a storyboard so we can visualize your video - and make changes - before we shoot.​

    • We'll create shot lists and production schedules so we can be as efficient and effective as possible.

    • We can scout locations, secure props, and help cast talent (on screen and voice talent) for your project.

  • Production

    • Lighting is key to creating a stunning image. We'll use light sources and modifiers to create the look and feel you'd like to achieve​.

    • Cinematography is also key to creating the look and feel you'll like to achieve. While having excellent tools is a great starting place, knowing how to use them to create the desired effect is even more important. We shoot raw 4K video with our Canon C200, aerial footage with our 4K drone, and realize cinematic movement with gimbals, sliders, and steadicams. We offer a teleprompter to help with delivery of content. We record high quality sound with shotgun mics and boom poles, wireless lavalier mics, and provide voiceover services as well.

    • Not everything can be filmed. In those cases where we can't get a camera on what we want to portray (on a microscopic level or in outer space, etc.) we also offer 3D animation services.

  • Post-Production

    • Video editing, including licensing royalty free music for your video.

    • Motion graphics design to help your messages come across with clarity and style.

    • Visual effects, like greenscreen chroma keying, compositing, and object removal, to help bring your story to life.

  • Distribution

    • We'll help deploy your video into the correct format(s) for your audience - whether that's an np4 file for the web, an HD Blu-ray disc, and/or a DVD, as needed.​


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